Super Kids vs. Illiterato

Maury Motor Mouth

We Read Together’s most powerful teaching tool is without a doubt Super Kids vs. Illiterato. In Super Kids vs. Illiterato, players move from station to station, defeating baddies like Sara Scaramanga and Maury Motor Mouth by reading sight word cards. Every time they successfully read a card, they get a new, awesome super power that they will use to defeat Illiterato at the end of the game!

SKvI01If a child gets a word wrong, the word goes into the Power Up Pile and they’ll get a chance to try again when they visit their Alien Allies.

Kids love Super Kids vs. Illiterato because it mimics the look and feel of video games and cartoons. Parents love the game because in each playthrough, children read up to 30 sight words and get extra practice with the words they struggle with most.

How do you get Super Kids vs. Illiterato?

By  pledging $5 a month to We Read Together. After we receive your pledge, we’ll ship it out to you right away AND we’ll give another a copy to someone in need!

Be sure to check the box labeled “Make this recurring (Monthly)” or it won’t be considered a pledge!

Key Features Game Board - print ready with labels promo test

  • Bright, engaging board.
  • Exciting game play that kids love.
  • 60 Sight Word Cards, with three different levels of difficulty to accommodate readers as they grow.
  • Level Up Decks. When your child masters the 1st deck, we’ll send you the next for free (if you’ve pledged to WRT). This way your child can learn from the game for years!
  • Super Hero sheets with hilarious super powers (replacements available for free on our website).
  • Quick game play. Takes about 15 minutes to play, so it’s easy for parents to fit into their day.
  • Huge sense of accomplishment as kids use their reading skills to defeat Illiterato!

This game is perfect for:

  • Beginning Readers ages 4-7.
  • Reluctant Readers who need some extra motivation to read.
  • Anyone who needs help mastering sight words.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is a sight word?

A: Sight words are words that have challenging or nonstandard phonics. They also make up a lot of the words kids see in the first books they are given (some books are up to 70% sight words). These are words like: of, the, their, and was.

Q: Okay, your game looks cool, but does it work?

A: Absolutely. We use it in our tutoring practice every day. We’ve watched kids master the whole deck in less than a month! After mastering the deck, those same kids return to books they once found challenging and fly through them!

Q: I’m really busy. Do I have to be there to play this with my kids?

A: Maybe. An older sibling would do. Kids will still benefit if they are playing on their own, but it really helps if a strong reader is there to guide them.

Q: I have two (or more) kids at home. Does this game work for multiple players at once?

A: It’s designed for 2 (one parent and one child). However, we’ve played the game with up to 4 kids and 1 adult. You just have to take turns and get a little creative!